Organisation of the future

The Organisation Of The Future is a learning network of people who have the power to make changes within their organisation. In an authentic and vulnerable way, we are together looking for insights into business, work and life in the 21st century. In this way, we want to create new and sustainable organisational cultures through a growing personal and common consciousness, in order to be a lever for an economy that is aimed at 360° profit.

Relive heart times

Organisation of the future (OOTF) – 3rd themed day

450 participants turned up on 7 June in response to our appeal to promote conscious leadership from the heart. Revisit this inspirational day.

Sign the charter

Collaboration within the Organisation Of The Future is based on four authentic leadership principles, which we also try to implement at events and in councils. They have been summarised in a Charter. Signatories to the Charter aim to make the OOTF network more visible and to demonstrate their intention to approach their life and work with greater awareness.

of the future

A Council is a group of 6 to 8 peers who have the same type of job or share the same need. They commit themselves to get together twice for 2 days a year to support and inspire each other from an ever-deeper connection.And to exchange very concrete best practices and advice. They thereby offer each other a sustainable learning experience.


    14/05/2019 - Wouter Torfs

    It’s now only thirty days away! The third theme day of the Organisation of the Future, titled ‘Heart Times. A call for conscious leadership’, will take place on 7 June. An open letter from some twenty prominent entrepreneurs and leaders was published in the weekend...

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    16/11/2018 - OOTF

    Following May’s second OOTF event, Psychologies magazine published a nice interview with Krist Pauwels and James Bampfield. They both give their insights on YIN-YANG balance in work environments. It perfectly sums up the event. You can read it here.  

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The promoters of the initiative

Get to know the promoters of the initiative.

  • Krist Pauwels

  • Veerle Miller

  • Wouter Torfs

  • James Bampfield

  • Micky Masset

  • Steven Pauwels

  • Frans Colruyt

  • Joost Callens

  • Yannick Lierman

  • Toon Bossuyt

  • Mathi Gijbels

  • Bart Claes