About OOTF

The story

Organisations as a source of inspiration and as bridge builders to tomorrow

Economy and society are going through a robust transition. Companies and organisations are a crucial factor in this, with a tremendous impact and creative power. If we really want to make a difference, then we must dare to grow into new ways of working and living together. Towards companies and organisations that grow successfully in a way that is beneficial for every individual and for the whole of society. This is the path that the Organisation Of The Future wants to follow.

Learning from experience

OOTF wants to be more than just an exchange platform, but wants to be a learning platform on which people can inspire each other from their own personal experiences. After all, we believe that sustainable change can only come from personal growth and introspection. This aspect is therefore an integral part of this movement.

Together on our way to the organisation of the future

This initiative is being managed by Wouter Torfs, Quinx and Choco. The first two are part of a CEO Council that has been meeting for eight years, and whose other participants actively support OOTF: Frans Colruyt, Bart Claes, Toon Bossuyt, Joost Callens and Mathi Gijbels. Five substantive pillars and the four principles of authentic leadership form the basis of this movement.

An event with a lasting impression

On 20 April 2017, we organized a first experience day with more than 160 business leaders and organisation managers of like-minded organisations and companies: Imagining The Organisation Of The Future. Through inspirational sessions and testimonies, we shared experiences and asked questions that help us to take further steps towards the organisation of the future.