Councils of the future

Learning from each other

A Council is a group of 6 to 8 peers who have the same type of job or share the same need. They commit themselves to get together twice for 2 days a year to support and inspire each other from an ever-deeper connection. And to exchange very concrete best practices and advice. They thereby offer each other a sustainable learning experience.

The 4 principles of authentic leadership form an important basis for every Council. We ask each participant to commit themselves to participate with this intention.
And, finally, there is one factor of a two-day Council that must not to be underestimated … fun. Being able to relax and have fun is a crucial part of being able to really throw yourself into it.

One facilitator per council

Each Council is supported by a permanent OOTF facilitator. He or she integrates himself/herself into the group, compiles the program on the basis of the needs of the participants, supports each two-day council, and provides context and missing insights. Together, all the facilitators of the Organisation Of The Future form a learning group, in which experiences are shared and knowledge is exchanged.

Something for you?

The Councils are intended for all people who have the power to make changes within their organisation and who are attracted by the ‘head-heart-gut frequency’ of Organisation Of The Future.

Concrete details

  • You commit yourself to 2 × 2 days a year.
  • You pay € 1,000 per two-day Council. This does not include VAT / accommodation and catering, which have to be paid at the time.
  • Once we have formed a group together with you (we can help you to find peers), we will organise an introductory evening with one of our facilitators. After this evening, the ‘go’ is given for a 1-year Council project.
  • You endorse the 4 principles of OOTF.

Wil je deelnemen of zelf een council opstarten?