Heart Times

OOTF EVENT 2019, 7 june 2019, Docks Dome, Brussels

A call for conscious leadership

A new year, a new edition of Imagining The Organisation Of The Future! It is time to abandon a pigeon-holing mindset, to step into the limelight, and to let the heart speak. Time to make a radical choice for your deepest passions and dreams. To get in real touch with your inner self and the people around you. This will not only inspire you to live to your full potential; it will give you oxygen to keep learning and developing. To grow – together with everyone willing to take the plunge – towards a warm and conscious ‘organisation of the future’, where ‘hard times’ make way once and for all for ‘heart times’.  

Will you also declare yourself a self-conscious leader? If so, come to this third edition of Imagining The Organisation Of The Future and be taken on an inspiring journey of experience where you will meet like-minded people.


Ticket sales begin at the end of January 2019. More info will follow soon.

For whom

  • For everyone who has the potential for change in his organisation
  • For everyone who is looking for a new balance in himself and his organisation


The approach of an OOTF day contains three ingredients:

  • Entrepreneurs and searching leaders give inspiration.
  • Participants draw from their personal experience and exchange ideas.
  • Facilitators coach the group and give meaning to ideas that emerge.

In every one of our events we create a safe place for every participant and ask everyone who takes part to subscribe to the four basic principles of OOTF.


Interesting speakers, fascinating experiments, and meaningful contacts are what you can expect from the OOTF day in 2019 too. We will announce the names of the speakers in the coming months. Here is a chance to look back at last year’s event.


Practical details

friday 7 june 2019

Docks Dome
Lambermontlaan 1
1000 Brussels.

See you then!

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