It’s now only thirty days away! The third theme day of the Organisation of the Future, titled ‘Heart Times. A call for conscious leadership’, will take place on 7 June. An open letter from some twenty prominent entrepreneurs and leaders was published in the weekend edition of De Tijd last week, calling on politicians to consider a long-term plan for our country that transcends the issues of the day and the party-political contradictions. A mobilising call for change! We, the inspirers behind Organisation of the Future, are launching a similar call for conscious and heart-based leadership on 7 June! We can see that the traditional leadership style from the past is no longer appropriate. Leadership depending on ratio and purely based on data, algorithms and financial key figures is no longer enough to save the day.

Fear and uncertainty have spread across many boardrooms, and are the cause of many restless nights for managers and CEOs. The digitisation of our business and the increasing international competition are thundering across the country like an express train, and the old principles of ‘predict and control’ are no longer bringing any solace. Young employees are dismissing the traditional ‘boss’ and want to be empowered and inspired. No one needs doomsday thinkers, but fake good news is not helpful either.

We are living in ‘hard times’, and we want to transform them into ‘heart times’. At an interactive event, together with more than 500 participants, we want to think, brainstorm and to experience personally, and above all in a heart-felt manner, what conscious and heart-based leadership means: where do we ourselves stand when it comes to leadership? Where does our organisation stand? A heart-based organisation does not put its employees first because this will increase profit, but because this choice is ‘the right thing to do’. A heart-based organisation welcomes its employees as holistic individuals (whole self), and not simply as employees: not in order to obtain high scores in the rankings of popular workplaces, but because this choice is the basis of sustainable business management, and because happy workplaces contribute to a happier society.

A healthy and heart-based organisation also succeeds in finding a balance between the individual, the group and the world in which it operates. Reaching the next level is not possible without the previous one. A company cannot be authentically sustainable for society if it does not create healthy internal connections between people and departments. And vice versa. How is this balance in your organisation? What are the internal connections like, and which ‘tribes’ exist within your company? Does the heart and the loyalty of your employees lie with the colleagues with whom they work, or with the overall organisation? Or with both? And how do you handle this?

Expect an intense and inspiring day on 7 June. Frans Colruyt, former COO of Colruyt Group and Herna Verhagen, CEO of Post.Nl, testify to their leadership style. We also invite you to get started yourself and to reflect on your own focus and leadership, and that of your organisation. We can already promise you now that we will not skip around tricky topics, including in the line of questioning to Frans and Herna: how, for example, do you deal with suppliers within this framework? How can dismissal be reconciled with heart-based leadership?  It will in any case be a day of reflection and inspiration. But we will also sing and meditate together!

And we will, of course, close the day with a very fine networking reception! From the bottom of my heart, I certainly believe that we will have more than earned it by the end of the day!

See you on 7 June!

Wouter Torfs