Sign the Charter


Principles of Authentic Leadership

Those who sign up to the 4 principles of authentic leadership, are demonstrating their intention to approach their work and life with greater awareness and to show integrity in their interactions with their environment and the world in general.

The term ‘intention’ is meant quite literally: none of us are perfect or will practice leadership 100% in line with the charter every day. What is important is to manage it sensitively and to talk to others highlighting their responsibility. This creates a learning environment in which we are guided by mutual support rather than opposition.

We sincerely hope that you will participate: because as more people sign this charter, the movement towards a more humane economy and society will continue to gain momentum. Are you ready to join?


I choose authenticity by showing myself as I am, by being transparent and stimulating open behaviour among others. My intention is to always be willing to learn and to continue to develop myself. I view new experiences, perspectives and dimensions without judgement.

keywords > love of learning / transparency / openness


I aim for responsibility by first and foremost showing understanding for myself and the world around me. From there, I do what it takes to make myself, my environment and society evolve sustainably.

keywords > understanding, serviceability


I aim for commitment by striving for a natural balance whenever I connect with myself and with others. I do this by not taking any more or any less space than I need at the material, physical, mental and emotional level.

keywords > consciously sharing space, give and take, balance


I aim for trust by showing myself fully and vulnerable, by generously sharing experiences and showing best practices. In the belief that this really contributes to the well-being of myself and the whole.

keywords > vulnerability, generosity, open source