Wouter Torfs

Only 61 more days and we’re there! Because it will then be 20 April and our ‘Imagining the organisation of the future’ event will take place. We say ‘our’ because the idea arose on a sunny afternoon at the house of James and Micky Bampfield from Quinx. James and Micky were dreaming of organising a day based on organisations for the future, and I dreamed along with them. We afterwards presented the idea to the CEO Council and the founders of choco: Krist, Steven and Veerle. Everyone liked it. We began to build together, and are now giving substance to the idea. The whole project is growing very organically.

What connects us, apart from the simple fact that we are men and women of flesh and blood who are in the midst of the arena of life, is the faith and the ambition that things can really be different and better in our companies. And that it can be really different and better in other companies as well. We believe that a company that wants to call itself an organisation of the future can and should be much more than a machine that only focuses on economic value-creation for shareholders. Instead, it pursues value in all senses of the word and for every stakeholder.

We have a dream! And we are convinced that silence is not an option. (By the way: ‘Silence is not an option’ is also the name of the inspiring blog by two young, positive guys.)

That is why we want to reflect on the purpose and the soul of an organisation of the future. About the real why of our companies and organisations. We want to investigate whether the purpose of our employees and customers resonates in any way with the purpose of our companies. And whether there are ways to ensure that all the facets of who you are can also be really employed at work. Perhaps that is the key for happy employees who ensure happy customers who, in turn, provide happy businesses.

By exploring the boundaries between leadership and power, we are also looking for new forms of leadership. Finally, we want to talk about real partnership with all those who surround your business and about ‘the energy of money’, which is perhaps one of the greatest taboos within companies.
It seems to us that all of these themes are worth investigating, without blinkers and with travel companions who are travelling the same way with us. But there is one thing we know for sure: that is that we don’t know ‘it’, and that none of us knows the absolute truth. That is why we are passionate about exploring the way to the organisation of the future together with you. The journey has no final destination: simply following the road is the goal of the trip.

We believe that companies and entrepreneurs should take a constructive position in society and can be a source of inspiration. In these sometimes harsh times, there is a need for people who build bridges with new ideas. We think that a lot of positive energy is released when positive and resilient people get together. That process can perhaps give impetus to a movement around the organisations of the future. Let’s take the first step.

61 days to go – I’m really looking forward to it!
Because silence is not an option!

Wouter Torfs